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About us

The prerogative of SwissResearch & Development is to assist businesses and contribute directly to their organizational development, commercial and industrial. Thanks to the relational network acquired both nationally and internationally BIG, SwissResearch & Development strives to directly find, create and develop new opportunities for business.

SwissResearch & Development is responsible not only for the organization and control of the business in the ordinary management but also provides them with a large staff of qualified and experienced professionals in the areas and markets in order to reach the best results in the short period, while respecting the constraint of cost.

In particular SwissResearch & Development continuously research new business opportunities on the markets by identifying qualified and interested stakeholders to participate in the growth of the business proposal. Its activity is therefore not limited to the construction of the only business relationship but the merit verifying the competence and quality of the interlocutor as well as its substantial capacity to participate in the business presented.

In several cases SwissResearch & Development participated complementarily to others business units of the Group, from zero to structure business projects aggregating of additional expertise, excellence and resources often in sectors, markets and geographies.